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Butterfly Sightings for 2014
Including day flying moths

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See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
16 April Holly Blue Back garden 41 York Avenue, Crosby SJ3199
Comment: A male and female first brood mating on varigated holly.
Philip Collins
15 April Orange Tip (4) Sankey Valley St Helens SJ 534 967 George Anderton
15 April Brimstone, 7; Orange Tips, 10+; Peacock, 5; Small Tortoiseshell, 20+; Speckled Wood 1. Pennington Flash SJ640990
Comment: Still have not got a decent photo of an Orange Tip, do they ever settle!
On the way back home via Bolton I can honestly say I have never seen so many butterflies on the wing
Archie Simpson
14 April Brimstone 2, Peacock 3, Comma 1, Orange Tip 1 Eaves Wood. SD461760
Comment: Eventually located 'Pepperpot' pavement area. Is the HBF here?
Tom Dunbar
14 April Brimstone 4, Peacock 6, Comma 1 Myers Allotment SD475749
Comment: My first visit. Very impressed with extensive development development work carried out. Looking forward to seeing resulting colonisation by a range pf species. Well done to all involved.
Tom Dunbar
14 April Peacock 2 Trowbarrow LNR, Silverdale SD481758
Comment: Sunny intervals 14 deg. Few nectar plants.
Tom Dunbar
14 April Peacock,1 male Ormskirk SD403 074
Comment: Basking in sun on garden path.
Kath. Holding
11 April Orange Tip 2 Small White2 Hall-Lee-Brook LNR, Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: I also saw PC's, STs,Brim Stone. There was only Male OT's and Male Brimstone's
Maria Pilling
11 April Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma Warton Crag SD490726
Comment: Moderate conditions but sunny with high of 15deg in sheltered spots. Violets responding well to excellent management
Tom Dunbar
10 April Small Tortoiseshell x5, Peackock x2 My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First Peacocks that I can confirm this year in my garden.They and Tortoiseshells feeding on dandelions on warm sunny afternoon
Bob Crawford
9 April Green-veined White Sackville Gardens, Manchester SJ 84448 97789
Comment: Was startled to see a Green-veined White flutter by as I sat in Sackville Gardens in the centre of Manchester. Looked quite faded given it must have just hatched out. Conditions were quite cool and blustery, but warm sunshine. Fortunately it landed nearby and I had just enough time to snatch a smartphone photo to confirm I wasn't imagining things.
Dave Coleman
1 April 2 peacock 2 small tortoiseshell and 1 early small white Ormskirk 403 089
Comment: Surprised to see my first white butterfly of the yearso early
Brian Jones
1 April Small Tortoiseshell 6 Peacock 8 My back Garden Westhoughton. SD 652 055
Comment: The weather was hot and the Peacocks were on my Bird Baths, strange they didn't bother with the Flowers much.
Maria Pilling
1 April Brimstone 3, Comma 2, Peacock 10, Small Tortoiseshell 20 Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton. SD 659 060
Comment: It was a lovely day and I was surprised to see a Brimstone at HLB, I'd never seen one there before.
Maria Pilling
1 April 9, Peacock Brockholes wood Preston SD573303 Stephen Frawley
30 March Brimstone Clock Face Country Park St Helens. SJ 537 915
Comment: Two years since I have sighted a Brimstone so I was rather pleased.
George Anderton
30 March 2 wall brown and 3 small tortoiseshell in long grass in garden. Longton, Preston SD474250
Comment: Wall Browns were first I have seen this year
Bob Crawford
30 March Peacock (2), Comma (1), Brimstone (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Holly Blue,poss, (1) A Chorlton suburban garden SJ815935
Comment: I was startled to see the small blue butterfly(possibly Holly Blue) cross the garden twice, witnessed also by others. Warm weather, yes, but surely too early for these?

Laura Sivel comments:- It’s a bit early, but after such a mild winter (pupa developing during it) and warm couple of days, it’s not really surprisingly premature. Just hope it finds a friend!

les price
30 March 1 Brimstone Holborn Hill, Ormskirk: SD 402 074
Comment: Flying low over Spring flowers
Kath. Holding
29 March brimstone x1 comma x5 bickershaw wigan SD583055
Comment: The commas were dueling in the air before settling in long grass. The brimstone was seen flitting through the air but didn't land
Steve Owen
29 March Comma(2), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1). St Helens SJ 541 972
Comment: All sighted within a few seconds. The Commas alighting after aerial combat.
George Anderton
24 March Red Admiral Yealand Conyers SD5074
Comment: A worn specimen feeding on daphne bhoula, the earliest I have ever seen, must have overwintered here.
Brian Hancock
12 March Small Tortoiseshell 10 Comma 1 Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: I actually saw STS Butterflies on Monday 10th and Tuesday11th only the SMT on these dates and at the same Place.
Maria Pilling
11 March Small Tortoiseshell My back garden SD652 055
Comment: I saw three are four on my Wall Flower plants

they were in perfect condition and very quick on the wing I did manage some photo's so I was very pleased

Maria Pilling
11 March Brimstone Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve SD47942 75246
Comment: probably brought out of hibernation by v warm sunshine
Philip Collins
10 March 2 Peacock, Tortioseshell

Brockholes wood Preston SD573303

Stephen Frawley
10 March Small Tortoiseshell. Peacock Ormskirk 403 089
Comment: Both butterflies seen in my back garden on crocus
B jones
10 March Comma (3), Small Tortoiseshell (3), Peacock (1) Brockholes' Preston SD 588 306
Comment: A sudden emergence in the warm temperatures. What a contrast to last year!
les price
10 March Small tortoiseshell Ormskirk SD403074 Kath. Holding
9 March Small Tortoiseshell Bredbury Town centre, SD932920
Comment: Flying alongside main road at 1 p.m. in warm sunshine. My first butterfly of 2014
John Gibson
9 March Peacock Wall of All Saints Building, MMU, Oxford Road, Manchester SJ842971
Comment: Basking high up on the brick wall of the MMU All Saints Library Building, in the warm sunshine, having presumably just come out of hibernation. My first butterfly of the year!
Dave Coleman
9 March Red Admiral Liverpool SJ4195
Comment: First butterfly of the year, flying in warm sun and attracted to crocuses.
Alan Clark
5 March Brimstone (male) Heysham Nature Reserve SD405595
Comment: First seen this year
Steve Ryder
4 March Peacock Eccleston SD 509 175 Zoe Foster
4 March Small Tortoiseshell In long grass in garden, Longton, Preston SD474250
Comment: Assume its come out of hibernation on warm afternoon
Bob Crawford
3 March Small Tortoiseshell Ramsbottom SD78601560
Comment: In my garden,wekly fluttering
Mike Horwood
28 February Peacock Sharples, Bolton SD712123
Comment: Inside my house on a west facing windowsill on a warm afternoon. Noticed it as I was leaving the house but when I returned it had disappeared. Found it on the Monday morning and released it outside.
Lorna Mulheran
24 February Peacock Wigan Town Centre SD585058
Comment: along sheltered and sunny footpath by River Douglas
David Broome
19 February Peacock Cockerham Moss SD4349 Barry Dyson
20 January Peacock York Lane, Whalley Nab SD717342
Comment: Lovely sunny day; spotted a brown butterfly on the wing. Landed on a dry stone wall and saw it was a peacock basking in full sun. After a short while it disappeared into a hole in the wall and did not reappear.
David Holden
20 January Peacock Pedlars Lane Shore Littleborough SD 923169
Comment: Bright sunshine, no wind, air temperature 45 deg F. Flew up from a sheltered spot and was observable for over a minute. No nectar sources nearby. I cannot remember ever seeing any butterfly in January previously.

Richard Greenwood


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